The Swedish sustainable food lab is serving up innovative strategies for food companies to turn their waste into new products.

VÄRT:s upcycled factory building in Gothenburg, Sweden. Photo: Fyrberg/VÄRT.

Every week, groups of people arrive at the disused factory building that VÄRT occupies in the industrial area of Gothenburg, Sweden. They’re a rag-tag mix of start-ups, car companies, old-fashioned carrot farmers and existential high schoolers. Some have walked just around the corner to get there. Others have come from across town, or even from the other side of the world. Yet, they all ask the same thing; how do we stop wasting food?

When I ask VÄRT:s founder Corina…

Research findings raise concerns over security awareness as staff malpractice contributed to 55 per cent of publicly reported incidents.

Dispatch area at a radiopharmaceutical manufacturer where radioactive materials are unloaded, sorted and labelled ready for onward shipment to customers. Photo: Dean Calma/IAEA Imagebank.

Few would say that they feel experienced in handling radioactive items, yet most people encounter them in their day-to-day lives. Exit signs, smoke detectors, even the watch you keep on your wrist relies on small quantities of radioactive material to work properly. And even though radiation has been around for over a century, most people are unaware of its many uses. Even more so, many think of impendent doom whenever it is brought up in conversation.

“People are afraid of radiation…

Roll over, Beethoven; Shu shu, Schubert! Austria’s new generation of socially conscious musicians are here to shake off the patriarchy, one tune at a time.

The hills are alive with the sound of burning feminist rage. Photo: Eric Huybrechts/Flickr (CC BY-ND 4.0)

Think of Austrian musicians and chances are some oil-painted portrait of an 18th century composer pops up in your head. Yes, the face of Austrian music has been male, pale, and covered by a neatly powdered wig — until now.

Despite the difficulties of making it as an indie band in Austria’s conservative music landscape, where a majority of the state’s art budget supports high culture and classical orchestras, the Viennese alternative music scene is…

Siri Christiansen

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